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Name of Zone /   Circle/ Division    Date of closing/ opening   Name of work


  Date of Closing & ADVT.  
IT Wing    
    Faridabad Zone
Faridabad Circle    
Div 1 Faridabad 10-9-2012 A/mtc. of road, A/mtc. of water supply scheme
Div 2 Faridabad 18-9-2012 Construction of by-pass road, Operation and watch ward of pumping machinery
  4-9-2012 Construction of Workshop for Haryana Roadways
Div 3 Faridabad    
Div 4 Faridabad    
Horti. Faridabad    
  10-9-2012 , Corrigendum Maintenance of all Horticulture works, Providing and fixing of round shape 

Gurgaon Zone

1.Gurgaon Circle 1      
Div 2 GGN    
Div 3 GGN 1-10-2012 Construction of 2 nos. S & S additional tanks at water treatment, Providing master water
17-9-2012/24-9-2012 Construction of balance road, Improvement of green belt
6-9-2012 Providing and fixing of interlocking & square tiles, Widening of footpath
5-9-2012 A/mtc. of water supply scheme
10-9-2012 Construction of parking in shopping centre, Special repair of staff quarter
10-9-2012 A/mtc. of w/s, sewerage, SWD, A/mtc. of water supply
Div 5 GGN    
  11-9-2012 A/mtc. of roads, A/mtc. of sewerage scheme
2.Gurgaon Circle 2    
Div 1 GGN
11-9-2012 A/mtc. of master storm water drainage, A/mtc. of master road
 Div 6 GGN 10-9-2012 A/mtc. of master SWD, A/mtc. of water supply, sewerage & SWD
 Div 4 GGN    
  20-9-2012 Construction of rain water recharge structures, Special repair of parking
Elect. Div GGN    
  11-9-2012 Repair of defective, S/E of main switch, MCCB
  18-9-2012 Erection of ACSR conductor, Shifting of 11KV  HT line
Horti. GGN 20-9-2012 Maintenance of all Horticulture work
  6-9-2012 Const. of cement concrete footpath, Providing and fixing of SRFC tree guards

Hisar Zone

Hisar Circle    
 Div I Hisar 11-9-2012 Annual mtc of main water works, Construction of PUS in Convient Center
  26-9-2012 Construction of external roads
  7-9-2012 Providing internal storm water drainage scheme, Construction of internal roads
  12-9-2012 Construction of internal roads
 Div II Hisar 3-9-2012 Construction of pump chamber and brick paving path, Annual maintenance of roads
11-9-2012 Special repair of balance parking in shopping centre area     DNIT20.70
  11-9-2012 Construction of internal road, Annual maintenance of Community Centre Building
  20-9-2012 Improvement / replacement of existing water supply, Construction of Parking pavement   DNIT28.15 , DNIT16000
Hort. Div Hisar 19-9-2012 Mtc. of all Hort. works, Supply and spreading of F.Y.M.
  6-9-2012 Mtc. of green belt & road side plants, Sanitation and cleaning of newly constructed
Elect. Div Hisar 20-9-2012 Supply and erection of PCC pole, ACSR conductor, Shifting/Raising of H.T. Line                    DNIT45.40 , DNIT10.60 , DNIT11.85

Rohtak Zone

1. Rohtak Circle    
Estate Office, Rohtak    
Elect. Div Rohtak    
Div 1 Rohtak    
Div 2 Rohtak    
Hort. Division Rohtak 24-9-2012 Supply and lying good earth in park         DNIT15.60
  13-9-2012 Mtc. of ornamental shrub plants in green belt, Mtc. of shrub and tree plants
2. Bahadurgarh 18-9-2012 Const. of change room/health club, swimming pool
3. RGECP Circle Sonepat    
Panipat 13-9-2012 A/Mtc. of EPHS
  19-9-2012 A/Mtc. of EPHS,  Repair of Boundary wall, Pump chamber
Div   Sonepat 21-9-2012 Widening & Strengthening of master road from Bus Stand to dividing road
  13-9-2012 Widening of Murthal Road from Drain No. 6 to Agrasain Chowk, Sonipat
  12-9-2012 Boring & installation of 1 No. deep tubewell, A/Mtc. of SWD scheme
  25-9-2012 Construction of streets/roads with 80mm thick interlocking tiles, Providing internal sewerage
  26-9-2012 Annual maintenance of road, Construction of Swimming Pool
RGEC   Sonepat 26-9-2012 Providing sewerage scheme

Panchkula Zone

1. Panchkula Circle    
Head Quarter    
Estate Office    
Elect Div Panchkula 17-9-2012 Shifting of 2 nos. 11 KV old & new kheri 11 KV feeders, Pdg. 12.5 mtr. long high mast
  10-9-2012 Pdg. 3 Nos. Additional Transformers, Construction of Electrical Chamber & making
  13-9-2012 A/Mtc of street light fitting
  3-9-2012 Pdg. 11 KV Electric Connection for STP, Pdg. Independent feeder   DNIT104 , DNIT105
  24-9-2012 Replacement of T-5, 28 watt fitting with Pdg. 150 watt HPSV fitting    DNIT132
Hort. Div. Panchkula 19-9-2012 Mtc of L/s work, D/o L/s work
  3-9-2012/10-9-2012 , Corrigendum Spl Repair of green belt, A/mtc of land scape, Mtc of land scape
 Div I Pkl    
13-9-2012 Providing house keeping including front desk, security & maintenance services
13-9-2012 Construction of boundary wall and earth filling, Construction of Field Hostel
4-9-2012 Installation of road safety measures, A/Mtc. of HUDA Building
Div II Pkl 9-9-2012 A/mtc. of W/S, A/mtc. of STP, Const. of 2072 no. multistoried houses
  10-9-2012 A/mtc. of PH services, A/mtc. of W/S, Imp. of SWD
  19-9-2012 Construction of permanent covered stage, Special repair of road parking
  5-9-2012 A/mtc. of PH services, A/mtc. of W/S, SR of HUDA colony
Div III Pkl 20-9-2012 Construction of parking and approach road, A/mtc. of water supply
  13-9-2012 Strengthening of B-roads, Widening of internal roads
  6-9-2012 A/mtc. of water supply
  13-9-2012 Providing furniture, interior works & kitchen equipments in club building
  13-9-2012 A/mtc. of water supply, Construction of boundary wall
  3-9-2012 , Corrigendum Special repair of 18 mtr. wide roads in Sec-23, Panchkula
2. Karnal    
Estate office Kurukshetra    
Div Ambala    
Div Karnal    
  10-9-2012 Providing water supply, Special repair of roads, Special repair of parking                DNIT10.70 , DNIT29.00 , DNIT34.50 , DNIT40.20
3. Kaithal    
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