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How Can You Plans Sanctioned


The following documents are required to be submitted for sanctioning of building plan.

  • Four complete sets of drawings duly signed by the enlisted Architect and the owner. Two sets should be mounted on cloth.
  • Form BR-I & II duly signed by the  owner  and   the Architect.
  • Copy of possession certificate.
  • Scrutiny fee @ Rs. 10/- per (Covered area) in shape of bank draft in favor of Estate Officer, HUDA, concerned.
  • Malba fee security of Rs.1, 000/- below one kanal and Rs.2000/- for one kanal and above. Out of this amount 50% is refundable.  

How can you construct your house under the Self Certification Scheme


Under the Self Certification Scheme an allottee can engage an architect after clearance of dues and submit the building plans in HUDA. The plans should be prepared by the architect as per the rules/building byelaws. He shall give a 15 days notice before starting construction, if there is no intimation to the contrary from HUDA. The allottee is required to furnish certain documents including progress certificates and affidavits at the stage of excavation, DPC, roof level and completion. However, after submitting the DPC Report, he shall have to wait for a period of fifteen days prior to going ahead with further construction.


On submission of the completion plan with the required documents, the Estate officer shall issue an occupation certificate within three working days.


However, under this system if violations are found by HUDA at any subsequent date, the occupation certificate issued shall be cancelled and can be restored only after removal of violations.




No dues

Application for possession/ Demarcation/ Plinth Level/ Intention to construct.


Submission of Building plan

A) Certificate by Architect that building plans are in conformity to HUDA norms.

B) Affidavit that Owner and Architect have understood zoning sheet provisions.



A) Intimation of start of construction. 

B) Affidavit that construction is as per HUDA Byelaws/Norms.


D.P.C. Level

A) Progress certificate signed by Architect & Owner.

B) Affidavit that construction is as per HUDA Byelaws/Norms.

Roof Level

A)  Progress certificate signed by Architect & Owner.

B) Certificate that construction is as per HUDA Byelaws/Norms.


A) Application for Occupation Certificate.

B) Supervision / Completion Certificate signed by Architect and Engineer.

C) Affidavit that construction is as per HUDA Byelaws/Norms.

D) Self assessment of compunding fee chargeable.

E) Photographs, C.D. containing photographs.

F) Certificate by Plumber and Contractor.


How Can You Get DPC Certificate


An application on plain paper along with following documents is required to be submitted by the allottee:-

  • Certificate from the Architect.
  • Copy of possession certificate.
  • Copy of sanctioned building plan.
  • Copy of letter of allotment.

It may please be noted that it is mandatory to get this certificate when building reaches DPC level; otherwise heavy penalty is charged as per policy.


How Can You Get Occupation/Completion Certificate


The following documents are required for obtaining a completion certificate

           Copy of DPC certificate

          Report of Architect in form BR IV and V, duly marked with violations and certificate of Architect that?s there is no other non compoundable violation.

           Copy of Sanctioned plan.

           An affidavit regarding non commercial use of the plot in case of plots other than commercial.

           Copy of possession certificate

           Certificate by Structural Engineer

    Consent of allottee for compounding the violations.


How Can You Get Water Supply & Sewerage Connections


The application for a water connection is to be made to the Executive Engineer of the area after the building plan is approved, on prescribed format. The form is to be signed by the owner and the licensed plumber, who shall do the plumbing work.


The application for sewerage connection is to be made to the Executive Engineer of the area after occupation certificate is issued by Estate Officer on the prescribed format.

In case the road has to be cut to provide a connection to the site then the road cut charges have to be paid along with the application. The charges are to be paid as follows:

1.       Road cut B-road                                      @ Rs. 705/- per running mtr.

2.       Road cut internal C-road                          @ Rs. 650/- per running mtr.

3.       Rectification & dressing of road berms       @ Rs. 21.90/- per running mtr.

The above rates are Subject to:

1.       Finalization by Executive Engineer Incharge

2.       Revision from time to time.

In addition to the above security and connection fee at the following rates is to be paid.

         Rs. 300/- For 12 mm Ferrule connection

Normally for residential plots a 12mm connection is sufficient. Normally water / sewerage connection is sanctioned within 15 working days.


How Can You Get Electricity Connection


Once the completion certificate is issued by the Estate officer, no time may be wasted in applying for permanent Electric connection, along with a test report on a prescribed form duly completed by the registered Electrical contractor and along with an attested copy of occupation certificate issued by the Estate officer. Normally, the electric matter is not available with Nigam and the same are to be purchased by the house owner and handed over for testing. The testing process may take time and it should, therefore, be applied for as early as possible. 

What Is The Policy Regarding Charging Of Interest On 75% Balance Amount And Offer Of Rebate To Coop.Group Housing Society?           


In cases of Group Housing sites, for the purpose of rebate of 10% on the cost of the land, the material date shall be deemed to be the date of offer of possession of site free from all encumbrances (including shifting of H.T. lines.)

The above decision shall not however affect the schedule of payment of installments and charging of interest on balance 75% amount as contained in the letter of allotment; and in the cases where the possession of sites has been given after the completion of limited development works only i.e. water supply and un-mattaled approach roads, the policy of allowing one year moratorium period in the payment of interest from the date of offer of possession shall continue.


What Is The Policy Regarding Permission For Changing The Number And Size Of Dwelling Units/ Transfer Of Membership In Case Of Allotment  Made Under Group Housing Norms?


Haryana Urban Development Authority allots land to Co-operative Group Housing societies, Welfare Housing Organizations and Govt. Departments for construction of flats under Group Housing Norms. Numbers of requests have been received for either allowing change in size of dwelling units or the number of dwelling units. This change involves a thorough scrutiny with regard to development norms/infrastructures provided by HUDA. Therefore, following processing fee is charged:-

Permission to change in the size of D.U.


For the Ist time



For the 2nd time

Rs. 20,000/-


For the 3rd time

Rs. 30,000/-


After 3 permissions, no further request for any such change is entertained by HUDA. The first permission for the change in size of unit / transfer in membership / change in the no. of members shall be allowed free of cost, if such a request is made within one year from the date of issue of allotment letter.


Permission To Change The Number Of Membership/ Transfer Of Membership           


Following fee is imposed on the societies intending to change the No. of membership depending upon the size of D.U.


Size of D.Us (in 

Upto 75



Amount to be charged for each
change in membership




Further, the above changes are allowed within prescribed development norms, like density, FAR, height, ground coverage and rate applicable. In case of group housing scheme 2005, addition/deletion/substitution in membership and changed in size of dwelling units shall only to be allowed to the extent of 25% of the original membership/dwelling unit provided they fulfill the FAR and density norms. This change is permissible free of cost if a request is made with in two years from the date of issue of final letter of allotment or offer of possession which ever is earlier.

The representations of societies for change in No. and size of D.U./transfer of membership are examined after receipt of the above mentioned fee by the concerned Estate Officer. Such cases thereafter are referred to Chief Administrator, HUDA by concerned E.Os/Administrators for approval. Only after the approval of CA, HUDA such permissions are granted by concerned Administrators/Estate Officer, HUDA.

Permission for change / transfer of membership is granted only before issuance of occupation certificate. Once the occupation certificate has been granted, transfer of membership is governed by the provisions of Haryana Apartment Ownership Act 1983.


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Anybody can download Accounts Policy under head Policy that replies to all the above queries.


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